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You're all set for The PUSH Challenge happening February 1-3! 

Details are below and have been sent to your email.

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You're all set for the "Push Challenge" happening February 1-3, 2023! This challenge is designed to help you execute on the things you've been procrastinating on. Say goodbye to decision paralysis and get ready to take action.

Here's how the challenge works

  • Each day, you'll receive video prompts sent to your email with your assignment for the challenge along with follow up emails to keep you accountable.

  • On day two, Thursday February 2nd at 7pm est, we'll meet together on zoom and have a group strategy/ co-working session. (You'll receive the link to join in by email.)

  • On day three, Friday February 3rd at 7pm est, we'll meet together on zoom again to exchange wins/lessons as a group and you'll receive your certificate of completion!

Now that you've got the information, invite a friend to join the challenge by texting them this link!

All of these details have been sent to your email as well! See you in the challenge!

Kylia Jackson

Execution Strategist & Accountability Coach

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